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How to Get Painting Leads | The Painter Marketing Playbook2022-10-18T12:21:33-04:00

The Painter Marketing Playbook

How Do Seven-Figure Painting Companies Generate Leads?

Struggling to Generate Consistent Repaint Leads?

Start here. Think of this page as your favorite brush; these free resources are here to help guide you as you paint the bigger picture – this time, with your painting business itself.

In each post we break down marketing best practices for painting contractors, one brushstroke at a time, for you to take actionable steps today to generate more high-quality leads for your painting business.

Marketing For Painters, Simplified

You might look at digital marketing and see more options than there are paint colors: Painter SEO, PPC, social media, website design, and the list goes on.

But unlike paint colors, for best results you actually want to mix it all together. That’s where our team and these helpful resources come in.

Getting Started

So, where to begin? We recommend subscribing to our newsletter below. The painting contractor marketing resources we post here are exactly what we use to serve our clients, so we know they work.

You’re going to find actionable processes, tools, and marketing tips that can be applied across a wide range of digital mediums. So choose your shade of marketing and start scaling your painting business today!

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