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Content Marketing

for painting contractors

Leverage high-quality search engine optimized content to tell your story and drive new leads to your painting business.

Leverage high-quality search engine optimized content to tell your story and drive new leads to your painting business.

Blog Posts and PR

Writing engaging copy is a skill that eludes the average marketer. This art form has been used in advertising in many forms, but has never been more necessary than it is today. Content is the driving force behind what is now referred to as content. Whether it is blogs, social media posts, or articles, content is the fuel for SEO.

Base Coat Marketing doesn’t just write blog posts, articles, and press releases for painting companies. Instead our wordsmiths weave stories that engage, provoke, and inspire readers to take action. All of our content is search engine optimized and designed to promote local organic rankings in search engines. Content is the marketing tool that helps you become a local source of authority. However, content is also designed to increase lead generation on social media and within your email marketing campaigns.

Our writers are passionate about what they do, finding new ways to tell stories about our clients. With a keen sense of word styling, we create a voice for your painting company that sets you and your services apart.

Painter Content Marketing

The benefits of Content Marketing for painting businesses:

  • High quality content keeps people engaged reducing bounce rates and improving SEO

  • Engaged visitors stay longer increasing your average dwell time also improving SEO

  • Content raises brand awareness and establishes authority in the painting industry

  • Authority reinforces trustworthiness to increase leads and conversions

  • Content nurtures brand loyalty

  • High quality content raises your search ranking

  • Increased rankings improve lead quality

  • High quality content increases lead quality for improved ROI

Base Coat Marketing  content marketing increases web traffic with improved SEO, creating brand awareness and generating qualified online leads.

What is SEO?

We use proven SEO tactics that help search engines find you.

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, uses a combination of tactics to help search engines find you. This includes creating website content that is informative, unique, and accurate. However, content also requires keywords that your customers typically use when conducting searches.

While there are many elements to SEO, content is the base of your online presence that helps build authority, gain references from other websites, see more shares of your content, and encourage people to stay on your pages longer. Our content writers include the top keywords for painting businesses to improve organic rankings and contribute to your content marketing strategy.

Why Bounce Rates and Dwell Times Matter

Good content keeps people engaged and wanting more.

Bounce rates and dwell times show search engines whether or not your content met the needs of users. If someone sees your link and clicks it but then quickly clicks back to search results or leaves the page, it means your content failed to match user intent. Bounce rates measure how long it takes someone to leave a page. Dwell times look specifically at how long it takes someone to return to search results to find other options.

Low bounce and dwell times tell search engines your content is not matching the search intent. As a result, you can see yourself dropping down in the rankings. These are important metrics we consider when writing content, both before we begin and after to measure content effectiveness. As well, these two measurements tie back to your keywords for SEO because the keywords contribute to search intent. We also look at what comes up in the SERPs when we use those keywords so we can see what your content is lacking.

Outsmarting Your Competition

Considering all channels and building quality content keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

We consider all aspects of content to help you outsmart your competition. We utilize all online channels including:

  • Blog posts and articles

  • Guest blogging opportunities

  • Digital PR

We then boost your digital marketing efforts with effective email marketing campaigns, and persuasive landing pages.

Painter Content Marketing

Proven Content Development Strategy

Customized content strategies for your unique brand.

While we specialize in content for painting businesses, whether you are offering commercial painting, residential painting or both, we know that no two painting businesses are alike. Although you share similarities in the services you provide, each of you approaches your business in ways that make you unique. We tap into your unique value proposition more easily than a generic content provider because we know what everyone else is offering.

Base Coat Marketing takes the time to understand your competitive edge and uses it in our content development strategy. We look at who you are and perform a competitive content marketing analysis for other painting companies near you. This allows us to see how their keywords are working for them so we can improve our SEO efforts. We consider your ideal customer and how they might differ from the target for your competitors allowing us to segmentize your content for different purposes unique to your company.

Our writers then create content that is engaging and informative so not only Google holds it in high regard to improve rankings, but also so that your readers stick around to read it. More importantly, we ensure we answer questions, so you become the trusted local source for all things paint-related. Everything is put into the proper context, while also appearing on the most effective channels so you always reach the right audience.

Evergreen and Newsworthy Content

Good content drives results and improves with age.

We’ve learned that good content should improve with age. In other words, you need content that remains relevant to allow it to improve its performance over time. However, while this “evergreen” content is important for your SEO, you also need recurring blog posts that change and add fresh content to continue to build momentum for your brand. This helps establish authority.

Measuring Success

We prove results with tracking.

Base Coat Marketing is results-driven, using key metrics to show how our performance is improving your SEO efforts. We make adjustments to pages that don’t perform and build on the success of the pages that do well. We see how people find you whether it’s your email campaigns, social media, paid search ads, or organic searches.

We will improve conversions by looking for opportunities to create landing pages to meet user intent. Every day, your content improves, your visibility increases, and the effectiveness of your efforts becomes more apparent through more traffic, more social engagement and of course conversions. Our content is results-driven to improve your ROI for your digital marketing efforts through solid lead generation and conversions.

If you are ready to start building high-quality content for your painting business, schedule your free strategy session today.

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