Reputation Recovery

for painting contractors

Fix missing or negative online reviews with our reputation recovery services exclusive to painters.

Fix negative online ratings with our reputation repair services exclusive to painting businesses.

Don’t let negative, inaccurate online reviews ruin your reputation.

Your brand’s online reputation is built through online reviews and star ratings. Today, this is the most important reference for prospects searching for local painting businesses. Online reviews are a reflection of how past customers view you. The more positive reviews you have and the higher your star rating, the more prominently you appear in search rankings, and the more trustworthy you appear.

Managing your online reputation and monitoring reviews contributes to your growth potential. However, if you neglect to keep on top of your online reviews and ratings, you don’t monitor reviews you will lose business and not even know why. Without reputation repair, you might never regain your position as a trustworthy painting business which could cause your business to fail.

Painter Reputation Repair

The benefits of Reputation Recovery:

  • Undo the negative sentiment about your painting services to fix negative ratings

  • Minimize risk for negative comments by having an immediate response strategy to address customer complaints

  • Spotting “fake” negative reviews and comments to report and remove them promptly

  • Responding to negative comments and complaints to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction

  • Fostering positive brand sentiment by soliciting positive reviews from happy customers

  • Improve your local SEO ranking by having a positive online reputation

Base Coat Marketing helps keep your online reputation squeaky clean by fostering positive brand sentiment and acting quickly when negative reviews put your reputation at risk.

What is Reputation Recovery?

Ensuring your company appears trustworthy, dependable, and able to meet the needs of your customers.

Once you acquire even a few bad reviews your reputation rapidly spirals downwards. Most painting businesses have no idea how to repair their reputation and make a full recovery to get back on track. This is because there are so many opportunities for your customers to contribute bad reviews whether it is Google reviews, social media, or even your own website. Base Coat Marketing can take control of the situation and quickly begin the reputation repair process including:

  • Gaining control of customer perception: While you can’t control what customers or other people say about you online, with proper management and damage control we can help keep sentiment positive to dispel anything negative people have to say about you. We ensure you are accurately represented online so the positives outshine the negatives.

  • Nurturing customer engagement with an improved response: When you are ready to react with a positive action to address negative responses you quickly help clean up any messes negative comments create. You improve customer engagement and show you are ready to help keep your customers satisfied.

  • Removing false information: Whether it is a case of mistaken identity or purposefully malicious comments about your painting business, reviews of this nature can go viral quickly. Unfortunately, people are attracted to negative comments which is why even one misleading review can lead to your demise. We protect your business from malicious, false information. We provide a strategy to quickly repair honest negative reviews to reduce the risk of people being taken in by fraudulent comments. We contact Google when we spot malicious content so they can remove it promptly.

Base Coat Marketing helps foster a well-curated online presence so you can grow your business through the new word of mouth.

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