SEO Services

for painting contractors

Leverage our bulletproof local SEO strategies to rank organically at the top of Google search results.

Leverage the best local SEO strategies to reach the top of Google painting service rankings.

Local Painting Company SEO

Outrank local painting businesses using proven optimization strategies to gain top rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is complicated. The reason? Google doesn’t want it to be easy. Constant changes to algorithms that set the criteria for quality content are at the heart of Google’s success. Their secret is hard to crack so only the best companies make it to the top. Unfortunately, these changes are constantly working against you.

As a result, you need experts who not only understand the signals Google looks for in local search criteria, but also experts who understand the unique needs of painting companies. We are all too familiar with the tactics your competition is using to outrank you time and again. We work against those tactics to steal their spot and get you into that elusive top-ranking spot.

Painter SEO

Benefits of Local SEO Services:

  • Expand your online presence so customers find you

  • Increase leads and sales through free organic search results to improve conversions and increase your digital marketing ROI

  • Improve your trustworthiness to improve your ranking

  • Appear on the top of local search results every time for instant recognition

  • Building authority with proven strategies

We kick off your local SEO strategy using proven tactics to help you outrank the competition.

SEO Strategies for Residential and Commercial Painting Companies

Local SEO solutions specific to painting companies.

We don’t use just any strategy. We use a proven strategy specific to painting companies. Base Coat Marketing understands the unique struggles and pain points of painting companies and offers solutions that work for you. When you offer a service like painting, your reputation counts. It also contributes to your success. Many of our tactics look at ways to increase your profile so you present a professional image across all online channels. Your message is consistent, and your services are aligned with quality and customer satisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization

How well is your painting business website performing?

Scan your website for over 60 critical search engine ranking factors. See how your site stacks up, receive an instant technical SEO audit below.

Local SEO and Reviews

Encouraging customer reviews to boost local SEO rankings.

Your company can’t control what people have to say about you, but you do have the power to provide stellar service that improves your online reviews. While it might seem easier to evade negative comments by simply ignoring online reviews and star rankings, all that does is hand the reins of top-ranking over to your competition. You strive to provide unbeatable commercial and residential painting service to your customers, and we strive to make sure everyone in town knows it.

It just takes one cranky, or off-handed remark to ruin the reputation you worked so hard to earn. Customer reviews are one of the quickest boosts to the top because Google loves to see companies making customers happy. Base Coat helps keep the positive reviews coming so prospects quickly see your four-star rating, scan positive reviews and click the Request Quote button.

Google Business Profile

Formally “Google My Business”

It’s free, it’s effective and it’s critical to local SEO.

Base Coat Marketing works hard on your Google Business Profile to make sure every feature is optimized to improve your local SEO ranking. This is the base of your online presence offering a boost to local search rankings and a peek into what people will find on your website. A complete Google My Business profile makes sure your address is correct and aligned with your website contact information. It makes it easy for people to request a quote to generate instant leads. It also feeds all local online directories, so you need to get it right. Best of all it’s free so provides extraordinarily good ROI!

Local SEO and Social Media

Show off what you know in full color and enthusiastic conversations.

Social media is a time-consuming aspect of local SEO, but it is also a necessary evil. Nothing offers a better opportunity to show off your passion for painting than big and bold images and engaging conversations that inspire people to rethink their taste in home décor. Your work is all about color, image, and beautiful spaces. Social media is the perfect channel to share your work and help people learn the ins and outs of expert painting. We can help start conversations, answer questions to show off your expertise, and increase engagement that shows off your passion, skills and love of all things paint.