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Use high-impact email marketing solutions to nurture customers and grow your painting business.

Use high-impact email marketing solutions to nurture customers and grow your painting business.

Email Marketing Automation for Your Painting Business

Keep in contact with customers and nurture leads. Email marketing provides the opportunity to convert those leads you’ve generated but failed to convert. However, it also keeps in contact with your current customers, keeping you top of mind for their next project, or for recommendations. You start new conversations with prospects and re-engage previous customers offering ample opportunity to schedule new projects. Base Coat Marketing knows exactly how to speak to customers to create strong relationships and nurture leads.

Painter Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation:

  • Create an automatic response to new leads

  • Maintain contact with relevant emails to nurture leads along their customer journey

  • Maintain constant contact with existing customers effortlessly through effective drip campaigns

  • High ROI with little effort

  • Increase customer retention and referrals

  • Upsell and cross-sell your services

We help you meet your business plan goals by customizing your automated email campaigns to suit your needs.

Artfully Planned Drip Campaigns

Automated drip campaigns using segments to ensure proper messaging. Our drip campaigns send a constant flow of information to your contacts whether it is the latest color trends, your upcoming promotions, or tips on how to keep a new paint job looking its best. We use segments to target each group based on who they are whether it is a new customer whose work was just completed, a new lead, or someone you provided service to a few years ago.

Content That Converts

We come up with strategies that avoid becoming annoying but instead add value so people want to hear from you. Base Coat Marketing considers all aspects of your business to provide robust emails that cover a wide variety of effective, meaningful subjects that:

  • Provide value-added services such as tips for existing customers or special offers

  • Share industry news such as the latest colors, new painting techniques, trends and more to drum up excitement about paint and your services

  • Share before and after images of your latest work

  • Offer quick and affordable makeover tips using paint

  • Draw attention to specific skills and services such as cabinet refinishing, or unexpected services you might include like installing crown molding

Because everything is automated you don’t have to lift a finger, other than to book the customers your emails generate.

Painter Email Marketing

Proven Painting Email Campaigns

Emails designed specifically for painting companies ensure we resonate with customer needs. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your email campaigns. Base Coat Marketing uses proven tactics designed specifically not just for painting businesses, but for your painting business. Our research and ongoing analysis ensure we understand the questions, interests and pain points of your customers. Base Coat Marketing continues to research customer behavior so we always understand what is important to them right now, not just historically.

Every email strategy is focused on specific goals whether it is brand awareness, lead nurturing, increasing bookings, or putting out feelers for new services. Careful segmentation then drives the messages for each group, so emails become more personalized. Considering all aspects of each potential group based on demographics, interests, past work, or enquiries allows us to deliver high-impact messages that make the most of your budget to increase ROI.

Measurable Results

Real-time reports and ongoing tracking keep you up to date on your results. Email marketing automation provides measurable results based on:

  • Number of subscriptions

  • Open rates

  • Click-through rates

  • Bounce rates

  • Engagement

  • Conversions

Base Coat Marketing is persistent in tracking and measuring results and using those metrics to constantly improve your campaigns. We look at every element of our emails to ensure we always have the most engaging subject lines to improve open rates, compelling content to keep people reading, and of course, inviting CTAs to encourage conversions. Our team has learned the trick to success lies in these three elements and continues to combine them in the right formula to target your segments.

Painter Email Marketing Services

Spam-Proof Platforms

We use using industry-proven platforms to ensure your emails aren’t marked as spam.

You might have given up on your own email campaigns due to poor results. This could be because your emails have been marked as spam. However, we use industry-proven platforms and meticulous spam-proofing to ensure your emails reach their contacts.

We also use email marketing best practices to ensure you remain compliant to unsubscribe laws, so your marketing is always above reproach. This helps strengthen our spam-proofing process. Your IP address is never flagged by service providers who use spam blockers to keep out unwanted advertisements and “junk” mail. The result is improved response.

Conversion Driven Email Campaigns

We use conversion-driven email tactics to turn leads into customers.

Since Base Coat Marketing focuses on targeted email, we provide high-value information customers need. Whether you cater to residential painting customers, commercial painting customers or both, we understand customer need. We never use salesy language that leads to unsubscribes and dwindling subscriptions, but instead, relate to each customer or lead on their own terms.

Through our slow and purposeful drip campaigns, we bring value to subscribers in digestible bites helping lead them down a logical path to conversion. But it goes beyond conversions, with varied goals based on the specific group. We identify pain points, behaviors and interests of each segment and create relevant content that will help nurture the relationship. Ultimately this also ends up in conversions or referrals. Some segment examples include:

  • New Leads: These emails target the newcomers, leads that need to learn more about you to start conversations and nurture new prospects.

  • Nurturing: At this phase, the focus is education, sharing information that speaks to your services to encourage bookings.

  • Lost Customers: We reach out to the customers who fell by the wayside, bringing them back into the fold with offers, deals or complementary recommendations on past services they used.

  • Unbooked Quotes: These customers asked for a quote, but never booked the work. Often a combination of new information in hand with deals can help push them to the final step.

  • Referrals: Provide incentives for your customers to refer others to your painting business.

Each group has its own value in the conversion process, requiring special treatment and content to lead them to the final step – to book your services.

If you would like to revisit your email marketing, or start a new automated campaign, schedule a free strategy call today.

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