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How well is your painting business website performing?

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Painting Company SEO

Understanding our Free Painting Business Website Scanner

We understand the challenges of local painting businesses trying to make their mark in a very competitive market. In order to outdo the competition, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website and social media. Our free local SEO audit provides a thorough and complete overview of your local SEO performance in just a few minutes.

Benefits of our free local SEO audit for painting businesses:

  • Understand where your website sits in relation to other painting businesses in your area
  • See where you rank in relation to competitors
  • Get a clear picture of your website’s SEO
  • Find out where you appear on local listings for high profile keywords

  • Understand how your online reviews are impacting your ranking

  • Find ways to improve your Google My Business Profile to improve your ranking
  • See how you are doing on your social channels

All of these details provide a complete picture of your SEO health, so you find opportunities for improvements.

Links & Website Authority

See how much authority you have in the painting industry.

Your authority score tells us how well your content is doing. For example, we will look for backlinks to your site from other sites of authority to determine how you are viewed by sites that can help boost your ranking. 

We also consider the quality of the domains linked to you and the links you might have included on your site. In some cases, past SEO or web services you used might have introduced less than favorable linking tactics that could negatively impact your ranking with Google. We can find these issues and correct them to make sure you regain good standing while continuing to build your website’s authority.

Rank Checker

Get an in-depth look at your ranking based on the most important keywords for painting businesses.

Anyone can check their own ranking by doing logical Google searches. However, we use a tool that shows your ranking based on critical keywords, your position, the pages Google pulls from your website, SERPs and more. This allows us to see how well you compare to your competition as well as what pages on your site are performing well for those keywords. 

When you know what pages Google is showing users you can determine how to improve those pages or make sure Google is finding the right pages. You can even see where there might be an opportunity to add a call for action, or links to new landing pages with better information. We can also do the rank check based on Google AdWords you compete for in your marketing campaigns so you can do better.

On-Site SEO

Considering the technical issues with each page is key to improving your rankings.

Companies often get tied up with keywords and content and ignore the technical aspects of their pages. However, without reviewing the technical elements of your page, you aren’t looking at every aspect of SEO best practices. Technical elements offer more clues that search bots use to find you and to assess your “crawlability” during a search. Technical elements can also include spam you might either know about or not realize exist on your site. We can determine where improvements can be made and address the spammy elements of your site that could be interfering with your ranking.

Local Listings & Reviews

Citations and reviews help boost your SEO efforts.

Citations refer to any mention of your business or contact information across the entire world wide web. The more mentions there are with sites of authority such as local directories, or relevant industry experts, the higher your rank. Of course, the fewer citations you have, or the appearance of conflicting information on citations have the opposite effect. Online reviews also impact rankings with positive reviews helping and negative reviews hindering your SEO efforts. We scan for citations and reviews to look for deficits allowing you to know where you can improve your ranking.

Google Business Profile Review

Formally known as GMB, or “Google My Business”

Google My Business is the base for all local searches.

Your Google Business profile is a free service many painting businesses fail to use. This is another critical element of your SEO as Google uses your profile for local searches. If you fail to “claim” your profile by completing the form provided by Google for all Google accounts, you are not providing the information that Google needs to list you in the local search results.

Your Google profile is the main aggregator other online directories use to populate your information. If it is incomplete or incorrect, search engines don’t connect it with your business, so you miss out on citations that rise you in the rankings. We will review your profile for missing information and inconsistencies that can interfere with a higher ranking.

Social Channel Audit

Evaluate your current social media to determine how well your efforts are working.

A social media audit provides an overview of how your social media strategy is working for you. Your audit provides a clear picture that allows you to make improvements to get better engagement and attract more meaningful followers. Base Coat Marketing looks at the things you are doing right and where you need to change your approach. You might also be the target of imposter accounts purposefully stealing your followers and interfering with your reputation.

Some businesses even open up more than one account for social channels which can also lead to issues. The audit will show you these accounts, so you’ll know what needs to be shut down. Audits also find content that you can repurpose, or that you might want to delete based on engagement or comments. The goal of the social channel audit is to find opportunities to improve engagement and grow your following with the right audience.

To get your local SEO audit and free report use our website scanner now. It is custom-designed for painting contractors, residential painters, and commercial painters looking for ways to outrank their competition.