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Social Media

for painting contractors

Increase your digital reach, improve trust, and engage your customers where they spend the most time.

Increase your digital reach, improve trust, and engage your customers where they spend the most time.

Find new customers and retain existing ones through Painter Facebook ads.

Social media provides inspiration to customers ready to change their space. Whether it is commercial painting or residential painting, social channels are the number one opportunity for your painting business to connect with customers. Whether your competitors are using social media or not, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you adopt a social media marketing strategy. You can either lead the charge or finally keep up with the rest by reaching customers in the place they choose to connect with friends, family and their favorite brands, namely Facebook.

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Benefits of Painter Facebook Ads:

  • Highly targeted ads to reach the right audience

  • Clickable ads to drive traffic to your website

  • Improve customer engagement

  • Remain top of mind to locals searching for subjects like remodeling, paint colors, interior design ideas, and more

  • Raise brand awareness

  • Improve your SEO efforts

  • Build trust

  • Choose marketing options suited to your brand and audience

  • Cost-effective marketing tactic

Facebook ads create a personality for your brand that is relatable and trustworthy. Base Coat creates unique Facebook social media marketing campaigns that see results to help grow your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing, not just social media posts.

Social media marketing uses strategic content, the right social media channels, and social media advertising to reach your ideal customer. While social media posts are an important element of social media marketing strategy, if the content misses its mark, the results will fail to meet your marketing goals.

Base Coat Marketing understands your customers and uses Facebook ads, in hand with different social media platforms to help you get the attention you need from the right audience. We consider every element of your painting business and use that information to create a social media marketing strategy that reaches prospects at the right point in time, while also helping keep your online presence relevant. Our strategy includes:

  • Social media advertising

  • Improved, highly targeted social media content

  • Metrics and analysis to look for opportunities to improve

  • Increased engagement through alignments with influencers and other local businesses

Through our data-driven social media marketing strategy, you will improve your SEO efforts, waste less time on the wrong social channels, and provide quality content that engages your audience. The end result is more leads.

Painter Social Media Management

Facebook Ads Focus on Lead Generation

The right approach to increase lead generation, not just followers.

You can have thousands of followers, but if you aren’t generating leads, your social media is missing the mark. We understand painting businesses and what your customers need to not just become engaged, but also converted. Our strategy helps you meet your marketing goals, so we aren’t just raising brand awareness, but also helping move followers further along their customer journey.

Someone on the fence about painting their living room will make them happy or if a facelift might generate more customer traffic can be convinced the answer is always yes with the right content. We create unique content and Facebook ads that show people why they need to paint now and that you’re the one to do it.

Boosting Your SEO Efforts

Adding more channels to boost your SEO efforts.

Often painting companies focus too much on their websites for SEO, missing out on the opportunities social media offer. Search engines look for up-to-date, engaging social media pages to find the best matches for their users. When your pages provide evidence of ongoing social interaction, shares, engagement, and followers, you move higher in search rankings. Your social media content provides a boost to your SEO efforts helping establish you as a trusted resource, while also showing your location. This translated into higher ROI for your SEO efforts.

Get Leads Through Facebook Recommendations

Get in on the conversation with Facebook recommendations for more leads.

Online reviews and ratings are the go-to for customers in need of a service. Customers no longer need to trust just anyone for their painting projects, but instead go straight to reviews and ratings, the new word of mouth. Even more so, people go to social media to ask for recommendations from their friends and family. We can get in on these conversations using Facebook ads that look for these exact types of opportunities. Facebook also has its own rating and review system, allowing you to find more ways to maintain a positive reputation online. But Facebook takes it a step further using recommendations in comments to show your location, rating, tags in posts and more.

Suddenly you have exposure to the person who asked the question, the person who provides the answer, and all of their friends. Last but not least, Facebook’s Recommendations feature not only uses friends in a group to answer questions but will also look at other relevant Facebook groups to help spread the question further. We bring you all of this exposure and more.

Facebook Ads for Local Exposure

Hit the right audience located right where you work to improve lead quality.

Paid social media advertising is a must for any company dependent on local customers. Facebook ads use location-based targeting in hand with ideal demographics to find customers in your community in need of your painting services. Paid social media ads simplify social media marketing so you find customers with similar interests to the services you offer. This creates a highly specialized audience that increases your potential for leads, and the chances they need your services.

Base Coat Marketing creates ads designed to resonate with your ideal local audience, and generate more traffic to your website, landing pages, social media pages, and more. You also lower your customer acquisition cost because you see conversions at a higher rate thanks to micro-targeting. That improves your ad spend value with improved ROI. For those who don’t choose to contact you now, our ads still raise awareness and create positive conversations about your skills, painting as an affordable interior design solution, your expertise and your work.

If you would like to improve your SEO efforts, raise brand awareness and generate a higher quality of leads, schedule a free strategy call today.

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