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for painting contractors

Attract new customers with a website optimized for search engines and lead generation. Our services include website development and hosting!

Attract new customers with a website optimized for search engines and lead generation. Our services include website development and hosting!

Convert more customers with a customized website optimized for ease of use.

Today it’s not enough for painting businesses to have a website. You need a website that is designed with your customers in mind. Websites are not a set it and forget marketing tactic. Instead they must be dynamic and ever changing with a mix of evergreen content that tells visitors who you are, easy navigation to allow people to get answers fast, and refreshing content that is updated constantly to feed search engines.

Your website must be optimized for search engines to find you, while also being designed for improved user experience to keep people engaged. Base Coat Marketing specializes in custom web development specifically for painting businesses. Your website can be assessed, updated and maintained by a team of painting company marketing experts who can meet your audience’s need.

Painter Website Design and Development Services

Benefits of Website Design for painting companies include:

  • Responsive websites that perform flawlessly on any device to improve visitor experience

  • Easy to navigate page structure so visitors find what they need, and Google knows you are the right fit for painting company searches

  • Customized web development using the best practices in the latest programming methods, so your site presents clean HTML and CSS search engines love

  • Speedy loading to improve SEO as well as website “stickiness” so customers don’t bounce

We revamp your entire site starting from the ground up to develop a responsive website that is quick to load and easy to navigate for improved search rankings and visitor experience.

Award-Winning Websites for Painters

Trust the industry marketing experts with proven results

Base Coat Marketing has our own unique processes that ensure we don’t miss a thing in your custom website, starting with your business goals. We take the time to get to understand your goals so we can create a website designed to achieve them. But it goes beyond your goals and must include your brand identity.

You have to stand out from other painting businesses whether you specialize in commercial painting, residential painting, or a unique service such as refacing kitchen cabinets. We identify your unique value proposition, so you maintain a unique brand identity that outshines the competition. Base Coat Marketing then creates a plan based on your goals and brand identity so we can:

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  • Choose the right design, images, logos and content to tell people who you are

  • Draft the framework that will ensure your website not just looks good but loads quickly and is easy to navigate

  • Incorporate responsive design to ensure your website is compatible with all devices

  • Display prominent calls to action to facilitate more conversions

  • Have you approve everything at each step, so you are completely satisfied with our development

Base Coat Marketing ensures flawless execution at every stage of development. Your website is user and search engine optimized for rankings and conversions. Our website hosting ensures your website is maintained for seamless function every day.

Making You Easy to Find

Every Base Coat Marketing custom website is fully optimized for search engines.

The main goal of your website is to help prospects and customers find you. We use proven website design tactics to improve SEO to make it easy. From mobile-friendly designs to fast-loading images, and easy navigation to scannable addresses for location, we know the criteria Google and other search engines use to find the best painting businesses. We also include:

Painter Website Design and Development Services
  • An aggressive call to action strategy to meet your marketing goals

  • Locally driven SEO strategy using local metadata, content, geotagging, etc. to help Google find you

  • Website testimonials to improve your rankings through positive online reviews and star ratings

  • Integration with social media to improve engagement, content and SEO

  • Easy contact methods to improve customer service

  • Integrated quote and booking requests

  • Improved content for SEO as well as authority

  • HTML, meta description, schema, etc. best practices to improve SEO

We know all the methods that lead to top rankings and increased conversions.

Custom Websites That Generate Repaint Leads

Focused on attracting website visitors and converting them to customers.

Base Coat Marketing uses a strategic approach to build your website. Our experts understand the market and perform market analysis in your specific community so there is no guesswork when it comes to our approach. Our competitor analysis allows us to target the custom details that will appeal to your audience, and perform miles above other painting businesses. Whether you offer commercial painting, residential painting, or a combination of both, we use a strategy unique to you from start to finish.

From our initial discussions and free strategy session to the moment your site goes live, we focus on your needs to ensure complete satisfaction. We want you to enjoy flawless execution at every point so you feel confident your site will deliver what you need to meet your customer expectations. The end result is a fast-loading, beautifully designed website with attention to both the front and back end for a bug-free launch that gives you complete peace of mind.

We Test Our Designs

Testing and retesting ensure every page is ready to load in an instant.

Our Quality Assurance team tests every element of our website page by page and link by link. Your visitors will never encounter the issues that ruin their experience not only when your site first launches, but also every day. We use UI/UX design so we can easily diagnose issues and fix them right away. Your visitors never experience a single hiccup.

We also stand behind our work with ongoing support, so your site remains secure and well maintained. In the very rare case something does go wrong we offer immediate response to quickly correct issues, so your customers and visitors are not disappointed. We also include Google Analytics integration for simplified monitoring in hand with insights into traffic.

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