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Appointment Booking

for painting contractors

Acquire new customers with an easy-to-use online booking app that generates new leads while you sleep.

Acquire new customers with an easy-to-use online booking app that generates new leads while you sleep.

Capture new customers when they are primed to commit.

An online scheduling booking platform can make the difference between a customer and a lost lead. When someone is primed to commit but can’t reach you, you miss out on a booked quote that leads to a paying job. The best way to capture those orders is to make everything easy for your customers using a quote scheduling app.

Visitors to your website, or even your Google My Business profile can book a quote without any further steps involved. Your online app is a direct route to your customer’s door, allowing you to have one on one contact and show them why you are the right choice for the job.

Painter Mobile Appointment Booking

Benefits of online booking and quote scheduling for painting businesses:

  • 24-hour convenience so no waiting for you to get back to them

  • No lost leads due to an unanswered phone or email

  • Cost savings without the need to pay a middle man for your bookings

  • Easier planning with each slot filled so you know what your week or day looks like

  • Great way to capture contacts for your email campaigns

Base Coat provides easy, affordable appointment scheduling apps to help grow your painting business.

Meeting Customer Needs in Real-Time

No waiting for responses, just automatic bookings 24/7.

Automated appointment scheduling empowers customers to book time with you without waiting. They are ready to commit and can book based on the free time slots for their convenience. You are “open” 24/7 to book customers at the time that is most convenient for them. Night owls, early risers, Sunday and holiday searchers all receive the same level of service because your scheduling app is ready to receive them any time of day, any day of the week, and any time of the year.

Save Time and Money

Automated appointment scheduling frees up time and saves you money.

We’ve already mentioned the time-saving benefits of online scheduling, but time saved is always money earned. Instead of hiring someone to book appointments, make calls to confirm appointments, or deal with cancellations all of this is handled in real-time by your scheduling app. This makes your system a moneymaker because you are now working smart instead of hard. You have more appointments because prospects access a self-serve system to book their own appointments.

Therefore, the amount of money earned from that appointment generates better ROI due to less hours spent by your team. Let’s not forget the value of your own time. You no longer have to follow up on calls during your downtime, but instead, know exactly what your schedule looks like. You’ll enjoy reduced overhead with automated lead generation and higher bookings increasing your earning potential.

The Easy Way to Manage Your Painting Appointments

You focus on the scheduled jobs while our booking app captures new appointments.

Nothing makes life easier for you and your customers than your online appointment scheduling. You boost your bookings without the need for an extra pair of hands, and you aren’t left spending your evenings trying to track down interested customers to book quote requests. Instead, you receive notice when an appointment is booked so always know what your schedule will look like the next day, as well as further out to improve your time management.

Customers feel heard and valued, while you reduce the stress of keeping up with demand. You remain in control of your time as there is no risk for double booking, and you don’t have to contend with issues such as one of your team members “squeezing a quote in” when there isn’t enough time to provide your full attention to each customer.

Reduce No Shows

Keep customers notified of their appointments with automatic reminders.

Reduce the risk of traveling to a lead’s site only to find they aren’t home. Using automatic reminders helps keep leads up to date on their own schedules so you reduce no-shows who forget you’re coming. As well, you can include a cancellation option along with your reminder, so you also reduce the risk of showing up and being told you’ll need to reschedule.

Good customer service allows you to be more responsive to customers, but this often comes with a price when you are forced to be too flexible. While you don’t want to make it too easy for someone to cancel appointments, you also don’t want to waste your time going out to a site when you’ll be turned away. It all boils down to dollars and cents, with your time at the heart of your earning potential. If you waste time with a no-show customer, you are losing out on legitimate jobs elsewhere.

Stronger Calls to Action for Marketing

Make it easier for leads to follow through when they click your calls to action.

That click of a call to action is the step that indicates interest by a lead. You have to make it easy for them to become customers by offering a final step on their customer journey. If your calls to action buttons and links lead to a booking page, prospects can easily enter their info, book to suit their lifestyle and move on.

Links that lead to time-consuming processes such as providing contact information for you to get back in touch, just make the process more complicated. This can result in more people not completing that final step. Instead, your marketing becomes streamlined between the advertising campaign and call to action to increase sales.

Painter Appointment Booking

Helpful Analytics

Remain more in tune with customer need with helpful appointment scheduling analytics.

Painting businesses benefit from detailed reporting that empowers you to make better business decisions. Online scheduling apps use analytics to provide valuable insight such as how many bookings you have by day, week or month, or what marketing campaigns sent the most leads. You are better equipped to make decisions on staffing needs, as well as the best marketing channels generating the most leads. Important metrics help you become more strategic, so your painting business is more profitable.

Now is the time to adopt automated scheduling for your business whether you offer residential painting, commercial painting, or both.

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