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Best Analytics & Call Tracking for Painting Contractors2022-04-15T08:00:45-04:00

Analytics & Call Tracking

for painting contractors

Improve your marketing investment and generate an incredible ROI by tracking the source of your painting leads.

Start Generating Leads, Today!

Improve your marketing investment and generate an incredible ROI by tracking the source of your painting leads.

Start Generating Leads, Today!

Business call tracking provides you with vital information on how people found your number. Whether it is online or through more traditional advertising efforts, when you understand the trail to your door, you can refocus your efforts to leverage your success. Call tracking uses several phone numbers to track how someone finds you. Each marketing channel both online and traditional has a designated number. The ones that ring the most often, are the ones that are giving you the most bang for your advertising buck. However, you can drill down from there to determine which marketing methods see the most conversions or meet other marketing goals you might have set.

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Painter Call Tracking

Benefits of call tracking for painting businesses:

  • Easy attribution to each marketing tactic you use

  • Ability to refocus your marketing efforts using the tactics that see the best results for improved ROI

  • Improved ability to track, log and follow up on leads

  • Recognize the types of social media posts, blog posts, landing pages and more that work best for leads and web traffic generation

Through call tracking, you gain control over your marketing dollars by quickly eliminating investment in the methods that fail to get results.

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Call Tracking to Understand Customer Behavior

Improve your overall marketing strategy with a better understanding of what gets customers to act.

Call tracking allows you to understand visitor behavior. Why did they call? Where did they come from? What kind of questions did they ask? Did they book a quote? When you know where they came from, you can get a better handle on the things that drive them. You can also spot possible issues with your conversion process so you can improve market integration. Each marketing tactic that works can be examined for opportunities to integrate those tactics into other marketing methods. The wording, images and content of an ad, a landing page, or a social media post all contribute to how prospects behave. When you understand this your opportunities open up to encourage the desired behavior by integrating efforts across all channels.

Getting Started with Call Tracking

Making the most of your marketing dollars.

Using dynamic phone numbers assigned for each campaign is easy with the latest technology. Base Coat Marketing leverages technology that tells you when someone makes a call and from what number. This provides complete transparency of customer activity and the channels they frequent. You can match up customer behavior not only by how many calls each channel generates but also by the quality of those leads. You maintain a better understanding of customer interactions and can fine-tune your efforts to make more conversions.

The beauty of call tracking is that it can be simplified so you know where calls come from or it can be made more strategic so you can drill down further for more valuable insights. You can also set call tracking to suit your budget using free tools like Google or website analytics and PPC platforms or use a more customized solution. You can choose just a few phone numbers and apply them to change campaigns, or run several campaigns at once using several numbers.

Call Tracking for All Marketing Methods

See results for any type of marketing campaign.

As mentioned, call tracking does not just apply to online efforts. It is most effective when applied to every ad campaign you run including:

  • Direct mail

  • Local flyer distribution

  • Billboards and bench advertising

  • Special offers

  • Signage

  • Google and social media PPC

  • Social media offers and posts

Wherever you market your painting business, you should be using call tracking.

Start tracking the source of your painting leads
Painter Website Analytics

Using Google Analytics for Your Painting Business

Tracking website leads is a requirement for any painting company that wants to rank well on search engines.

When you have a strong website analytics system in place, your painting business will have an advantage over competitors that aren’t using a proven analytics team. Performing all the right marketing activities is only one aspect of driving new leads to your offers and converting them into paying customers. Even the savviest marketers need to track results and test regularly in order to get the best results. As a painting company, you want to know that your efforts are producing the best results possible, and website analytics is the best way to ensure you’re on track.

A Range of Useful Features

Google Analytics is used to track a variety of website activities so you know what’s working, what’s not working and what you need to change to boost your marketing activities and sales. Some of the exciting things you can do with Google Analytics include:

Painter Analytics and Call Tracking Services
  • Real-time reports on how many users are on your site

  • Which countries and cities your visitors are coming from

  • Finding out the interests of your visitors

  • Finding out what devices your visitors use to access your website

  • Learning which channels drive the most traffic to your site

  • Finding out how visitors navigate your website

  • Keeping track of all your marketing campaigns

  • Checking to see how fast your website loads

  • Discovering which pages on your website are the most popular

  • Determining the conversion rate of your website

  • Tracking your best selling products and services and who buys them

  • Segmenting your site activity to look more closely at specific users

You will never have to worry about incorrect information spreading because we ensure all information is correct.

Benefits of Website Analytics for Your Painting Company

See how a skilled analytics team can help make the most of your online marketing activities and increase your business.

When you have a firm grasp of what’s actually happening on your website, it’s much easier to make the changes needed to continually improve and grow your painting business accordingly. Some of the benefits of using web analytics include:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your prospective customer’s behavior

  • Being able to fine-tune online ads for a greater response

  • Zeroing in on your ideal target audience

  • Being able to set up marketing funnels that guide visitors where you want them to go

  • Improving ecommerce performance if you sell products online

  • Being able to track your conversions so you don’t waste time or money

  • Improving search engine optimization so you can be found online organically

Whether you offer commercial painting, residential painting or both, schedule a free strategy call today to discuss implementing call tracking or Google Analytics for your painting business!

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