7 elements your painting business website needs

Does your painting business website rank well on Google? Does it generate traffic, but fail to produce quality leads? This may be an indication of issues on your website that are negatively impacting user experience, or you could be missing critical components required to generate leads in this competitive industry altogether.

Here we will review 7 essential website elements your painting business needs to convert online traffic into paying customers in 2023.

Let’s jump in!

1. Review your traffic

Technical Warning:  If a little marketing jargon makes your head spin, skip to our second recommendation.

Before we review what elements your website needs to convert traffic into high-quality leads, it’s important to understand who your website is targeting. It’s possible the content on your website is ranking well, and generating consistent traffic, but for the wrong search terms. To evaluate this we will look at two primary KPIs: Traffic Source and Engagement Rate (formally known as Bounce Rate).

Traffic Source

Why is it important to know which search terms are driving traffic to your website?

Consider this scenario: The content on your website is targeting residential repaint jobs, such as cabinet painting