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We work exclusively with Painting and Concrete Coating Companies serving the United States and Canada.

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Our Core Values

  • People First

    Your character is defined by what you do when no one is watching. Relationships are built on the lives & well-being of everyone you touch. Be kind, do right by others, and always lead with honesty and integrity. Period.

  • Be The 20%

    Time is a finite resource. As defined by The Pareto Principle, we should only invest our time into tasks that generate SIGNIFICANT results. Time, resources, and results should be regularly monitored and improved!

  • Extreme Ownership

    Details matter, give them your attention. Do what you say, be accountable, and assume NOTHING. We own everything, including our processes, responsibilities, and results. Answer questions before they’re asked. Everyone in your world should be informed and engaged.

  • Be Curious

    Never settle. Embrace the challenge of daily improvements in both your personal and professional life. Always ask questions, and never stop learning. Invest time today to solve problems for tomorrow by prioritizing long-term value over short-term results.

  • Fail Quick

    Mistakes are an opportunity to learn. Most decisions are measurable and reversible so don’t be afraid to take informed risks, but if we are going to fail, fail quick, and with a plan. When problems arise, identify solutions, and implement a process.

About Austin Houser

Our Roots

Austin Houser

My name is Austin Houser, and I’m Chief Brainiac over here at Base Coat Marketing. Our journey began in 2008 when I founded a marketing agency called Houser Media.

If you want to take a look at some work the same team behind Base Coat Marketing produced for other industries, step over here — housermedia.com

Over the years we identified particular trends within the markets we served, leading us to stumble across an industry in need…

Specifically, we found that Painting Business Owners often complained about a lack of support generating results for their business online. So, we decided to refocus our efforts on providing an unmatched digital marketing experience to an industry in need!

#1 Marketing Agency for Painters

Welcome to Base Coat Marketing

We are Base Coat Brainiacs

Looking for a Marketing Partner EXCLUSIVE to Residential and Commercial Painting Companies?

At Base Coat Marketing, we use smart, sustainable marketing programs to reduce your dependency on costly ads while generating a predictable, high-quality repaint lead flow tailored to your company’s specific needs.

We are a results-driven company focused on long-term relationships built on an unparalleled customer experience.

Ready to lay the Base Coat for your next marketing strategy? Partner with our team of Base Coat Brainiacs today!