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An Industry In Need

Our Journey

Austin Houser

My name is Austin Houser, owner and founder of Base Coat Marketing. Our journey began in 2008 when I founded a marketing agency called Houser Media.

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After providing our clients with industry-leading digital marketing services for well over a decade we identified a trend in the professional painting industry. Specifically, the painting business owners who came to us over the years often complained of mediocre, or outright terrible experiences working with other agencies. This was a surprise as we were really really good at producing results in this industry. So we decided to refocus our efforts to provide unmatched digital marketing services to an industry in need.

#1 Marketing Agency for Painters

Welcome to Base Coat Marketing

Here at Base Coat Marketing we not only focus exclusively on residential and commercial painting businesses, we bring all of the same service, tools, and reliability of a large brand-focused agency with decades of combined experience. We are so confident in our services we require no contracts, no setup fees, and guarantee results in the first 30 days, or your money back. No questions asked. So if you’re ready to scale your painting business to seven-figures and beyond, give us a call today. But don’t wait. To avoid conflicts of interest we are exclusive to only one painting company per a region, so lock down your market before your competition does.

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We Are Exclusive

Who We Serve

We work exclusively with residential and commercial painting businesses.

Residential Painters

Residential Painters

Interior & Exterior Painting Companies located in the United States.

Commercial Painters

Commercial Painters

Interior & Exterior Painting Companies located in the United States.

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