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Listing Management

for painting contractors

Expand your digital footprint and improve your SEO using our online business listing management services.

Expand your digital footprint and improve your SEO using our online business listing management services.

The secret weapon for local SEO is more citations through business directories.

Most of your competitors focus on content for SEO and are unaware of the secret weapon local painting businesses use to reach top-ranking – business directory listings. While it might seem no one uses businesses directories anymore, one important player does – Google. Google and other search engines use your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) to find your location for local searches.

The more they see your NAP online, the more “citations” you have and the more legitimate you appear. Business listings are one of the easiest ways to get more citations but it takes a bit of work to not only get added to those listings but to ensure your NAP is correct. This is where Base Coat Marketing comes in. We ensure search engines find the correct information consistently across all business directory listings so you have more citations, you appear more frequently online than your competition and your company is more likely to appear at the top of local listings.

Painter Listing Management

The benefits of Listing Management include:

  • All of the listings have the correct NAP for ALL business listings so your business is found

  • More citations online for better SEO

  • A higher ranking due to better SEO

  • More traffic to your website
  • More new customers and qualified leads

We manage all listings to help search engines find you and improve lead generation and sales.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Formally “Google My Business”

The solid foundation for consistency across all business directories.

It all starts with Google My Business Optimization. Your Google My Business profile is the base of all your online directory captures. It is the main “aggregator” other directories trust to capture the information they need to find correct NAPs for their listings. We “claim” your Google My Business profile and ensure all the details are complete and correct. By optimizing your profile we provide all the information search engines and directories need so your customers can find you.

Effortless Inclusion on Local Business Directories

Leverage FREE Business Directories for higher rankings.

Where the real work begins is having to claim all of your listings on business directories. Although optimizing your Google My Business Profile is a good start, you still have to search to see how each business directory shows your painting business info. Because many of these directories don’t charge you a cent to be listed, you want to take advantage of this free service. However, they each have their own formats that need to be optimized so your listing needs to be “claimed”.

We make this process effortless by taking on the charge and ensuring your NAP and services are consistent, so search engines find you. This is a tedious process because search engines only recognize citations when they are identical to each other. Even a slight change such as a missing period following Ave changes your NAP in the eyes of search engines. Your company name, address and phone number must be exactly the same on every single listing to leverage your citations and help improve your SEO. We do all of this for you.

Our Process Ensures Consistency

Listing Management begins with a strong base to improve your SEO ranking.

Base Coat Marketing understands the importance of online listing management with all relevant painting business directories and how it affects your ranking. Our process includes the following critical steps to increase your online presence using business directories:

  • Claiming your Google Business Profile by confirming your NAP and other relevant listing information

  • A thorough search to determine what listings are available and claiming your profiles for each and every one

  • Providing as much relevant information as possible based on what each listing offers such as images, videos, testimonials, etc. to ensure your profiles are as complete as possible

  • Creating customized guidelines for your Listing Management to ensure consistency when claiming all future listings

  • Verifying information on other relevant industry and community aggregators

  • Completing all pages for all directories based on each directory’s unique process

  • Keeping an eye on new directories available to make sure they are claimed promptly using our guidelines to ensure consistency

These steps make sure all citations are captured by search engines and that customers see consistent information that is correct and up to date regardless of the search methods they prefer.

Painter Listing Management

Listing Management is Ongoing

Online Listing Management requires ongoing monitoring to keep ahead of the competition.

A little-known fact about directories is that they change their sources or can get taken over by other directories frequently. This means they are undependable so regardless of how up-to-date you think you are with your own listing management, there are always a few directories that have changed. As a result, your information that was once correct is now incorrect because it isn’t properly formatted for the new listing.

This sounds a little complicated, but the bottom line is because the online directory world is constantly changing, you need to ensure each of your listings aligns with those changes. This is the “management” part of our listing management services which include:

  • Monitoring your painting business information on Google and relevant aggregators

  • Ongoing verification of your information to ensure it aligns with any directory changes

  • Claiming listings for your business on any new directories that appear online

  • Managing any discrepancies that might come up with your listings to keep your information consistent

You will never have to worry about incorrect information spreading because we ensure all information is correct.

Tracking the Directory Platforms

We specialize in painting businesses so we always know the latest directory platforms.

As the final element of our Listing Management services, we track the latest directory platforms to look for opportunities for painting businesses. If it is relevant to either your location or your business, we ensure your listing appears using our guidelines developed specifically with your information. This way you never get left behind.

Whether you offer commercial painting, residential painting or both, it’s time to start claiming your listings to improve your SEO ranking. Schedule a Free Strategy Call Today!

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