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To secure an incredible ROI all of our services are sold as scalable digital marketing programs exclusive to local/regional residential and commercial painting businesses.

Painter PPC and Paid Search Services

Paid Search

Get your phone ringing today with our targeted Google Ad campaigns.

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Painter Social Media Advertising and Management Services

Social Media Ads

Reach your customers where they spend the most time.

Optimize & Dominate Programs
Painter Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Target your customer’s inbox with unique offers and incentives.

Dominate Program
Painter Website Design and Development Services

Website Development

Custom websites built to generate new painting leads. Hosting included!

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Painter Search Engine Optimization Services


Rank on Google page #1 in your local market for relevant search terms.

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Painter Reviews and Reputation Management Services


Boost your online reputation with consistent 5-star reviews.

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Painter Appointment Booking Services

Estimate Scheduling

Generate new high-quality repaint leads while you sleep.

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Painter Analytics and Call Tracking Services

Analytics & Call Tracking

No guesswork here. Identify your ROI with our robust reporting.

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Painter Listing Management Services

Online Listing Management

Get found everyone your customers are looking.

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Painter Google Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads

Claim the ultimate authority in Google Search Results.

Advertise & Dominate Programs
Painter Reputation Repair Services

Reputation Repair

Fix those negative reviews and recover your online reputation.

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Painter Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing

Become the local painting authority with targeted blog posts.

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Painter Job Recruiting Services

Job Recruiting

Scale your business with qualified painters, fast!

Dominate Program

What Defines a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

When you spend your advertising dollars without a marketing strategy or plan, you reduce your ROI and potential to increase profits. A successful digital marketing strategy begins with a team of experts like Base Coat. We have provided successful digital strategies for painting businesses trying to gain ground in highly competitive markets. We understand your competition and know how to outsmart them every step of the way. 

We use proven methods to improve your online presence, with customized solutions suited to your services and location. Instead of going with a generic marketing company trying to be all things to all people, our methods are tried and true in the painting arena. Tailor-made solutions focus on your specific location and customer base in hand with your unique value proposition to get results.

Benefits of using the Best Digital Marketing Services for painting businesses:

  • Targeting campaigns based on your customer segments for commercial painting and/or residential painting services
  • Competitor analysis to help you gain an edge in the SEO landscape
  • Improved web design and content to outshine your competition
  • Integrated solutions across the right channels
  • Combined paid advertising and organic SEO efforts to expedite your rise in the rankings
  • One on one consultations to ensure your brand is represented and your marketing goals are met
  • Better ROI by using the right marketing channels to see better results

No stone remains unturned in our market research to ensure we put together the most effective marketing strategy to bring your competition to their knees. We use the tactics that see results for painting businesses trying to stand out in a competitive market.

Leverage local SEO tactics and extensive keyword research to boost organic rankings.

All digital marketing begins with a solid SEO strategy leveraging local SEO tactics in hand with extensive keyword research to outsmart the competition. We understand search intent and use it to find the best keywords for your painting business. We also understand the crucial elements of search engine processes so we can help move you up the ranking from citations to reviews and high-quality content to building authority.

Paid search ads are the boost your organic search results need to get noticed quickly.

We combine SEO best practices with paid search ads to boost your ranking. Search engines find you more quickly when you invest in paid search ads. These ads are based on Pay-Per-Click (PPC), so you never go over budget and also only pay when someone clicks your ads. As a result, your ads work harder for you to provide a higher ROI. You always appear above the organic rankings, so you are noticed by prospects looking for a local painting business.

Be at the very top of search results pages and generate automatic leads.

Appear at the very top of local painting business searches using Google local service ads that send you customers ready to book their quotes now. Google’s Local Service Ads appear at the very top of the page with a focus on generating leads. You only pay if someone calls or messages you directly from the ad making them the most focused digital ad available. There is no bidding involved as Google uses your past response and reviews to determine who gets top ranking. They pace your placement, so you are never inundated and reward you for your hard work with consistent placement to help you generate more leads.

Appear in the social media feeds of locals who meet the description of your ideal audience.

Social media marketing provides highly targeted ads to reach the right audience. Your clickable ads drive traffic to your website while improving customer engagement. Because you are always there, you remain top of mind to locals searching for subjects like remodeling, paint colors, interior design ideas, and more. You raise brand awareness and build trust while improving your SEO efforts. Base Coat chooses the marketing options suited to your brand and audience using this cost-effective marketing tactic to gain more leads.

Share useful information with your contact list to generate more sales.

Our email drip campaigns send a steady feed of useful information to segments created from your own contact list. This is the best way to keep people engaged and drum up more referrals and bookings. You create an automatic response to new leads while maintaining contact with relevant emails to nurture leads along their customer journey. Email marketing offers high ROI with little effort while helping you increase customer retention and referrals. You can also use your contacts for upselling and cross-selling your services for those who are either booked for a quote or job, to enjoy higher profits from each job.

Build authority in your industry and community while gaining momentum with your SEO.

High-quality content for your blogs, social media, landing pages, emails, and website is your most powerful SEO tool. Base Coat helps you expand your online presence, so customers find you. As a result, you increase leads and sales through free organic search results to improve conversions and increase your digital marketing ROI. High-quality content helps build authority to improve your trustworthiness and search ranking. We can help build your authority using proven content strategies for consistent branding across all your online content.

End to End Digital Marketing Services

We also provide the following services:

  • Job Recruiting: You provide job requirements, then we’ll post, manage, and even advertise your job opening across multiple recruiting sites to find you a quality candidate, fast.
  • Reputation Management: Leverage happy customers and avoid positive reviews with online reputation management.
  • Listing Management: Maintain consistent information while appearing on all relevant listings to help leads and search engines find you.
  • Reputation Repair: Undo the damage of negative or fake reviews with reputation management and reputation repair.
  • Website Design: Meet all the criteria of search engines with a responsive, quick-loading website rich in SEO content.
  • Analytics & Call Tracking: Always know where you stand and remain forward-thinking with real-time analytics and call tracking.
  • Appointment Booking: Book new painting leads 24/7 with our appointment scheduling app.
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