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Scale your painting business by hiring qualified employees fast with our painter recruiting management services.

Scale your painting business by hiring qualified employees fast with our painter recruiting management services.

As a painting business, you depend on the skills of your painters for customer satisfaction. Hire the wrong person and your reputation can be ruined in one job. At Base Coat Marketing we specialize in painter recruitment focusing on the skills required to offer superior service to your customers and grow your business. If you find it is impossible to attract and retain top talent to your painting business, our team can help improve your results, with proven recruiting tactics that help you find qualified employees fast.

Overcoming Challenges of the “Bad Hire”

You know better than anyone that a bad hire costs you money and business.

When you are under pressure to find qualified employees fast, it can be easy to hire people at face value and not look into their background and experience. While you might also be tempted to offer a lower salary to improve your profits, the truth of the matter is a low-paid inexperienced painter costs you more money in the long run.

Painter Job Recruiting Services

Some of the risks associated with hiring the wrong people include:

  • Poor quality job performance
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Delayed painting projects
  • Lost customers
  • Potential disruption to the company culture
  • Added costs to find a quality replacement

For these reasons and more, it is important to call in the professionals to ensure you find the painters you need fast without the risk of a costly bad hire.

Taking the Right Steps

We ensure the right steps are taken from the very moment you contact our team.

It begins with a well-worded job posting that attracts the top talent in your area. We ensure the skill requirements are clear to reduce the number of under-qualified applicants. We also advertise in the right places to ensure we reach the right audience including Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Last but not least, we use the latest technology to screen applicants, so we present you with the top picks and qualified candidates.

Efficient Hiring

When time is of the essence, we use the proper channels to ensure our hiring process is efficient.

We speed up the hiring process and have a painter on the job fast. We have industry connections that help us find painters already looking for work in your area, allowing us to reach candidates we know can fulfill the job requirements right away. By using efficient hiring practices, we can help you:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Slash the costs of the hiring process
  • Boost your image and reputation as a professional painting company
  • Keep the morale of your team high

HR Expertise

There is more to hiring than posting a job opening.

Base Coat Marketing has over a decade of HR expertise. As a result, we understand that recruiting skilled painters requires industry knowledge paired with the expertise crucial to finding the right skill set for your business.

Time is Money

Losing a member of your team can impact the number of jobs you can take on.

The last thing you want is to miss out on even more opportunities because you are trying to find a replacement. When a new lead comes in from your website it’s critical that you have the bandwidth to close that opportunity. If you are in the process of expanding your team, clearly you are in demand and won’t have time to go through the recruitment process. Base Coat Marketing does all the legwork for you and sends you qualified candidates so you can quickly make your final decision. As a result, you never miss a beat from your day-to-day responsibilities. Our boosted job listings find reputable painters in your area, fast!

Improved Employee Retention

Constantly losing painters? It could be a sign that you’re hiring the wrong people for the job.

Every business has its own culture, teams, philosophies and expectations. If you hire people that don’t fit in with the unique aspects of your business, there is a greater chance they will be unsatisfied and leave. We take the time to understand your needs so we increase the likelihood of finding painters who will fit in with your team.

Some of the details that impact how comfortable and happy someone is in their job, include:

  • Their overall expectations
  • The equipment your company uses
  • The types of painting products you use
  • Safety protocols that are in place
  • The types of painting jobs available
  • The range of clientele

We discuss the things important to you and consider these priorities and unique qualities when writing your job postings. By focusing on the unique needs and aspects of your business we can help find the right person for the job. We will post new job openings and forward qualified candidates to you directly based on your specific preferences.

Helping You Grow Your Business

Last but not least, working with Base Coat Marketing allows you to grow your business. By helping you find trustworthy, high-quality painters who care about their work, and strive to provide superior workmanship we keep your business scalable. You can focus on finding more clients, and take on more work with a growing team of experienced painters. We can help you find part-time or full-time painters to suit your needs allowing you to improve customer service, schedule jobs at shorter notice, and remain responsive to the needs of your business.

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