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Reputation Management

for painting contractors

Get more 5-star reviews to increase customer trust, search engine rankings, and acquire new painting leads.

Get more 5-star reviews to increase customer trust, search engine rankings, and acquire new painting leads.

Outshine the competition with rave reviews from your customers.

Our reputation management for painting businesses helps you take a direct route to success on the power of your own unparalleled performance. Your competitive edge has always been at the heart of your ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. We leverage that skill to nurture positive reviews and ratings on key online platforms where your customers search for painting services. Locally driven and uniquely focused on your abilities, Base Coat Marketing gets you noticed with positive reviews that heighten your authority and instill trust.

Painter Review Management

Benefits of Reputation Management for Painting Businesses:

  • Leverage review automation tools to keep the good reviews coming

  • Improve your online profile with more Google reviews and four-star ratings

  • Solicit reviews from happy customers

  • Address negative feedback immediately for fast-acting damage control

  • Automate review responses to improve customer service

  • Share customer reviews with prospects at the quoting stage to instill trust

  • Improve click-through rates through reviews and high ratings

Reputation management solicits positive customer testimonials, allows for quick responses, and makes it easier to share reviews to help convert prospects into customers.

Why Reputation Management Works

Ensure your painting business is always seen in a positive light.

Our painting business online review management team knows how to use customer reviews and real-time reputation management to ensure you are always seen in a positive light. Our strategy makes it easy to keep up with online conversations regarding your services so you can respond and thank people for positive reviews. More importantly, you can take the time to resolve issues quickly, so prospects see you care. This ensures despite a negative comment or complaint, you remain in control of your reviews by taking action to keep even high maintenance customers satisfied.

Why Every Painting Company Needs Reputation Management

Reputation management not only maintains your online reputation, but improves it.

Any service provider in the home improvement industry knows how important reputation is. Without positive reviews, you pale in comparison to your competitors. Whether your customers need commercial painting or residential painting, they want to know you can deliver on your promises. Their space is precious and deserves attention to detail, timely completion, and as little disruption to their lives or business as possible.

When your customers speak for you, you have no better authority to encourage other customers to trust your work. High ratings and rave reviews from happy customers is the quickest way to build your business. The new word of mouth is digital and speaks volumes about what you offer and why you are the best painting business in your area. If you take the time to invest in reputation management, you are miles ahead of the competition and can reap the rewards of your own hard work.

How We Manage Your Reputation

Managing your reputation increases the number of positive reviews and downplays the negatives.

Reputation issues can happen with just one negative review. We know as well as you do that there is always going to be that one customer or two who are never satisfied. Complaints often lead to refunds or price reductions, since the squeaky wheel gets the wheel as the saying goes. Unfortunately, today those squeaky wheels have the potential to reach farther because those complaints are public. They appear in the forums your customers congregate looking for painting services.

You need to know the moment anything negative appears about you so you can respond. We make sure you are alerted when negative reviews appear and can also help develop responses that quickly show the customer you are ready to help. On a positive note, we post positive testimonials so prospects can read what your happy customers have to say. We also increase reviews by requesting feedback from happy customers. Base Coat Marketing also builds on your positive comments. We ensure they are displayed where prospects can read them and see your high average star rating to encourage more clicks and quote requests.

Where We Manage Your Reputation

Online platforms make it easier than ever for painting companies to ask for positive reviews.

We leverage the top review platforms to build your positive online reputation. Google Business Profile Reviews provide valuable insights into what you do well, and where you need work so you can meet customer expectations. As well, we help use your positive reviews to improve click-through rates. We also acquire a unique URL for your business to allow you to actually request reviews from happy customers.

We’ll automatically email or text the link to customers to make it easy for them to rate and comment on your service. People also use social media to ask for recommendations from their friends and family. Base Coat Marketing looks for these opportunities to use Facebook’s rating and review system to help you maintain a positive reputation online. Facebook’s recommendations show your location, rating, tags in posts and more providing exposure to people asking for painter recommendations. However, you can also gain more exposure in relevant groups where Facebook shares the question.

Be Trusted to do the Work

Let customers know you can be trusted.

Today people are very aware of the dangers of having strangers in their homes. As a painter, your work depends on trust. Base Coat Marketing makes it easy for customers to trust you and want to find out more about what you offer. Visibility of positive reviews, customer service responsiveness and star ratings all help prospects see you are committed to quality painting in hand with the satisfaction of your customers.

If you want to start leveraging your stellar reputation to find new clients, schedule a free strategy session with our team today.

Painter Review Management

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