Painter PPC Tips

Pay-per-click advertising… Most Painting Business Owners have a love-hate relationship with this channel.


Because advertising a Painting Business online is unique compared to other home service businesses such as Plumbers and HVAC companies, and without the proper experience or knowledge, this can lead to runaway campaigns or expectations not being met.

Whether you are advertising on Google or Social Media, PPC ads are still the most effective way to generate predictable painting leads without waiting on results from long-term marketing channels like SEO.

Here, we will review eight PPC strategies to generate consistent painting leads throughout the year without being impacted by the seasonality of this industry.

But before you throw your credit card on a new campaign, let’s identify why advertising in the Professional Painting Industry is so unique!

Why are painting leads so hard to capture online?

The barrier to entry in the Professional Painting Industry is extremely low. Any homeowner can go grab a gallon of paint from Home Depot and slap it on the wall.

Unlike HVAC companies who will receive a call at 12am on a Sunday when the AC goes out in t