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The Best Business Card Ideas For Your Painting Company

The Best Business Card Ideas For Your Painting Company

Published On: August 23, 20226.1 min readCategories: Painting Business TipsTags: , ,
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Painter Business Card Ideas

Business cards are an advertising tactic as old as time. They’re cost-effective and serve as a reminder service for prospects to reach out the next time they’re in the market for a high-quality painter.

But why are business cards important, and more importantly, do they produce results?

First impressions matter, and if you’re not the one handing out your business cards that could be the first time a prospect hears of your business.

So, does your business card represent the qualities of your painting business?

Let’s dive in and explore four ways you can elevate your business cards to better represent your painting business and generate more painting leads.

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1. Use Consistent Branding and Colors

Painter Business Card Ideas

Brand consistency across all marketing mediums is critical for creating a strong company voice. Why is this important?

Consider your business logo, color scheme, and fonts as important elements of your business name. Anytime you change one of those elements you sew a subtle string of doubt or confusion into your customer’s mind…

This looks familiar, but is this the same company that I saw online?

In short, keep things consistent! The fonts and colors you use on your website should be the same as your business cards and graphics on the side of your truck.

What If I Don’t Have A Brand Logo Yet?

It’s not uncommon for painters to start a company, scale quickly, and forget to invest in a logo. Don’t skip this step, and definitely don’t rush the process or look for the cheapest option.

Sure there are plenty of quality graphic designers on Fiverr and 99Designs, but remember, whatever clipart design they send over could be the face of your company until you rebrand or sell.

Instead, we recommend spending $500-$1000 on a quality, custom logo design that includes a style/brand guide. This guide should include not only your logo on a white background, but also inverse color options (dark background), a color scheme, fonts, tagline, and more.

This guide will help your future advertising/marketing efforts stay on-brand and keep your messaging consistent.

2. Keep It Simple

Use White Space

Painter Business Card Ideas

Your first thought may be to overload your card with information in hopes that something will click with potential customers, leading them to contact you. Don’t do this. Your business card is not an elevator pitch. The goal is to look desirable and leave them wanting more — Push them to your website or social media, they’ll find the extra information they’re looking for there.

This is the basis of a marketing funnel.

Use Readable Fonts

Painter Readable Fonts

Creating a clean business card also means creating clarity. The main reason for including information on your card is so customers can use it. Therefore, typography size and type play an important role here.

Varying your font size, line breaks, and colors can help guide customers’ eyes to the most important information, such as your company’s name and phone number.

Other information should be slightly smaller, but no text should fall under 8pts. For the best readability, stick to sans serif and serif fonts.

3. Only Include Vital Information

You have a lot to say about your painting business, but what information makes the cut on a 2.5×3″ piece of card stock?

Don’t forget, your business card has a front and a back. That’s 15 square inches of real estate on something that fits in a wallet 🤯

Each side of your business card serves a purpose. Treat the front as an introduction, and the back as a contact card.

Items to include on the front:

  • Business Name (If this is not already included in the logo)
  • A brief list of your services. Example: Exterior Painting • Interior Painting • Cabinet Painting

The back of your business card should include:

  • Full name
  • Title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL

Things NOT to include:

  • Social media icons. Your business card isn’t clickable, they can find this information on your website.

  • QR codes. While this can be an attractive option for the younger generation, older folks struggle with the concept.

  • Certification logos. Again, they can find this information on your website.

4. Generate Painting Leads with a Call to Action

Painting Contractor Call to Action

Ok, placing your contact information on a card and expecting customers to reach out is a bit of a stretch. That’s why, like with your social media and website, adding a call to action is more likely to turn that interaction into a paying job.

Entice potential customers into taking action by providing a coupon code or promotion that gives them a sale on your painting services.

For Example: Offer a free estimate or 10% off their first paint job

For best results, write the promo on your business card by hand, and be sure to include an expiration date.

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Austin Houser
Austin Houser
About the Author: As founder of Base Coat Marketing, Austin is a data scientist and digital marketing expert with over a decade of lead generation experience within the professional painting industry.
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