How to Close Painting Estimates on the Spot

So you land a new painting lead and they ask for an estimate. You carefully consider the job and offer your price. They say they’ll consider it, but they have a few more painters to speak with before they decide.

Then *crickets*

Sound familiar?

Here we will review best practices you can implement today to turn more painting leads into paying jobs. Let’s begin with a basic question…

How to Close Painting Jobs

Before you can start earning money as a painting contractor, you first need to close deals with your potential clients. Even the best painters can only start once a customer agrees to hire them.

On average, your customers will typically seek at least three estimates before they hire a painting company. Most customers plan to take your information and then compare offers from other painters before they sign an agreement for your painting services. However, if you can close on the spot you can avoid this competition altogether.

Closing on the spot requires preparation, making a great first impression, and addressing all possible questions from your potential client. Experienced painters close quickly by following the steps outlined in this article.

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