Angi for Painting Contractors: Pros & Cons

Angi for Painting Contractors: Pros & Cons

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Angi for Painting Contractors

As a painting business owner, you have most likely received calls (yes, multiple calls) from sales reps at Angi before.

Shared lead services represent a popular option to increase the visibility of your painting business. However, there are some downsides you need to be aware of.

About Angi

Angi Homeservices operates Angi as an app and website. You can find their native mobile app on both Android and Apple App Stores.

Angi has been around for a while, however, you may not be familiar with the name as the company used to be called Angie’s List.

Their service covers various industries, including companies that handle landscaping, home repair, and of course, painting.

In addition to providing information about local businesses, Angi gives customers a chance to comment on and rate the contractor they hire (ratings on Angi do NOT help with ranking on Google). Angi also offers other services, including:

  • Free expert advice
  • Access to home improvement or DIY videos
  • A pricing guide for contractors

The pricing guide provides information about average costs for projects in your local market.

Angi offers three membership plans for customers, with the most expensive option offering perks and other unique benefits.

Customers may upgrade their membership on Angi to get additional services and discounts, but Angi doesn’t charge customers to use the basic features on their website or app.

When To Use Angi For Painting Leads

As Tanner Mullen with Premium Painting and DripJobs has stated, Angi puts food on his table! But can you expect the same results where your target audience resides, or are these results specific to Tanner’s market?

Use the checklist below to determine if Angi might be a good fit for your painting company:

  • You serve a small population (<250k) or there are fewer than 10 direct competitors listed on Angi in your market.
  • You have the processes in place to respond to leads sent by Angi within 60 seconds.

  • You have a good Angi rep that can help with lead disputes.

If you are unable to check one of these boxes, Angi may not be a good fit for your painting business.

How Painting Businesses Use Angi Services

Painting contractors have to create an account on Angi to begin receiving leads. It is recommended that your profile is completed as thoroughly as possible.

Customers in your area looking for your services can then find your business on the Angi website or mobile app.

Pros: Angi’s Shared Lead Services

Shared Lead Expectations

Growing your painting business takes A LOT of effort. Generating a steady flow of painting leads is required to keep your business ahead of the competition in this competitive industry.

As a result, many painting companies turn to lead generation sites like Angi for assistance.

Let’s go over the pros of using Angi (formerly Angie’s List) for repaint lead generation.

Angi Puts You in Touch With Clients

As a service provider, your ability to grow is completely dependent on your ability to reach your target audience.

Whether you offer house painting, house cleaning, or other skills, Angi is a one-stop shop for all things home service. Interested consumers often check sites like Angi to shop for multiple services at once.

Additionally, Angi does have a large advertising budget so they’re typically in position #1 on Google SERPs (search engine results pages). This search engine dominance translates into more traffic, which means more leads for your painting business.

Angi Shows Off Your Reviews

Your customers often look at reviews before making a choice about hiring painting contractors. Angi allows customers to leave reviews about your work, offering advice to others. Positive reviews help generate more painting leads for your business, so if you produce good work this should be an easy win.

Cons: Angi Painting Leads

While Angi may seem like a great way to capture new painting leads, we recommend considering the possible drawbacks of this service before you register.

Shared Leads are Low-Quality Leads

Let’s start with the obvious. Angi is a shared lead service. What does that mean?

Anytime a new painting lead is sent to you, Angi sends that same lead to other registered painting businesses in the same area.

Since you’re competing against your direct competition for every painting lead, you’ll likely have to bid down your rates to get the job.

Additionally, because the same contact is receiving multiple calls from various businesses they typically begin ignoring calls/messages after the first few estimates are scheduled.

So if you’re not available to respond to a lead within the first 1-2 minutes you’ll end up paying for someone’s voicemail.

Angi is a “Pay to Play” Service

Angi provides contractors the option to pay to advertise their services, leading to an “Angi Certified” ranking.

Angi displays the results of Certified companies more prominently. While this may result in the generation of more leads, it can get costly.

This is a major caveat of Angi. Since it has a “pay to play” business model, and Angi generates most of their leads from Google Ads, you’re double paying to get a lead that you could’ve acquired from Google directly.

Remember, over 90% of your customers start their search on Google, not Angi.

Angi Prioritizes Its Interests

Profit Margins

Angi helps your customers find your business online. However, the company does not function as a non-profit.

As a home service provider, you are Angi’s product, and they are profiting off of your hard-earned cash.

Additionally, Angi requires individuals to create an account before accessing all businesses in a location. Therefore, a potential customer may get tied up signing up for Angi without ever seeing your profile, even if you paid for a listing.

Angi Prioritizes Discounts and Coupons

Do you want to show up higher on Angi’s rankings? Their algorithm prioritizes contractors who offer coupons and discounts, so be ready to trim those profits.

As with search engines, the higher your business ranks in search results the more visibility you get. The same holds true for Angi.

Note that you can pay a fee to appear higher in the rankings, but at this point, why not just advertise on Google yourself?

Your Customers Need an Angi Account To Leave Reviews

Your past customers can leave comments and reviews on your Angi profile, however, not all reviews hold the same weight.

Comments only count towards your rating if someone with an account makes them. Otherwise, they do not increase your ranking on the site or app. These issues limit the value of Angi reviews.

For instance, if you’re trying to boost your reviews on Angi and you ask a customer that found you elsewhere to leave a review, they would have to create an account first.

This barrier to entry can make it difficult to manage your online reputation.

Negative Reviews Have a Big Impact on Angi

Negative Reviews

Good reviews can have a huge impact on your Angi business profile. Conversely, negative feedback stays in the system, showing up on all search results performed through the website or app.

There’s no easy way for you to address a complaint on the site, even while paying for the service.

These reviews are also displayed on Google search results so even if a customer doesn’t land on Angi they can still see the reviews on your profile.

Angi Has a History of Legal Trouble

As a business owner, you work hard to put food on the table, so why take unnecessary risks? In 2001 Angi rebranded, moving away from the “Angie’s List” name. Why? Because Angie’s List had a long history of lawsuits tied to:

  • Charging for bogus or fraudulent leads
  • Review manipulation
  • False advertising

Before you pay Angi to generate leads for your painting business, we recommend considering their legal history. Typically, if a company is willing to break the law once, they’ll do it again in the future.

Generate Painting Leads Without Angi

If you’re struggling to generate consistent painting leads, there are alternatives to Angi.

Here at Base Coat Marketing, we take a holistic approach to generate UNIQUE repaint leads online for your painting business.

Give us a call today to see how we can help grow your business with consistent, unique, month-over-month painting leads.

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