How Much Painters Make

A career as a professional painter can be financially fulfilling. If you invest your time into learning the craft and are a reliable worker you can earn a rewarding annual income.

Here we will review the average salary for a professional painter in the United States and Canada. We’ll also discuss the different factors that impact how much a full-time painting professional can make.

Let’s dive in!

Factors that Impact a Painter’s Pay Rate

Many variables impact how much a professional painter can earn. Let’s review some of the factors that can have the largest impact.

Physical Location

Arguably one of the most important factors that can impact a painter’s income is their physical location. Labor costs vary by state. Also, each state has its own tax policy. Typically, states that charge a high-income tax pay their employees more to offset the costs.

Alternately, some states, such as Texas and Florida, do not charge a state income tax. Therefore, they can afford to pay their workers less than the national average.

A painter’s location is vital to determine how much they can make per hour. If making a lot of money is your priority, consider relocating to another state or to a city with a larger population.

When scouting a location to move, look for cities with a growing population. With the increased expansion you can expect more construction projects and housing builds.

Note that the rates in most cities’ will fluctuate with the season, so if you’re looking for steady pay at a premium r