Help! Our Ads Stopped Producing Painting Leads

Every successful Painting Business Owner knows that paid ads are a great way to attract new leads and generate new business, without the wait required by some traditional marketing strategies.

How can you go wrong with being in the right place, at the right time, with the right message?

Paid ads are a thing of beauty when they are working effectively… but what if the ads that were generating new repaint business simply stopped producing leads?

If you have advertised your painting business online for any length of time, this has likely happened to you, and if you depend on these lead channels it can make your palms sweat when the lead flow dries up.

So where do we start?

We do not live in a static world…

Outdated Marketing Tactics

Whether you’re advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or some other platform, the only real constant is that things rarely stay the same.

Algorithms, policies, and best practices are guaranteed to change, so what worked yesterday may not work today.

Digital advertising leaves you at the mercy of the platform to a certain extent, but there are factors you can control that may give you clues as to why your ads have stopped producing painting leads.

Let’s dive into some key questions you need to ask to help narrow down the reasons why your ads have stopped producing leads like they used to.

Have you made any changes to your ad campaigns?

A/B Testing

It’s common to want to change up the wording in your ads, even if they’ve been producing quality leads. After all, marketing is all about testing and tweaking to help improve your margins, and one of the easiest things to change is the wording in your ads.

Ad campaign changes generally require at least a month to acquire enough data to determine if that change was positive or negative.

Why does it take so long?

Because we’re relying on an algorithm to determine where your ads fit within their platform.

If you’ve made a change and it’s been less than a month, it’s best to wait a full 30 days to get a clearer picture of the effect your change has had on your ad’s performance.

Is it recommended that you make changes at all?

If you do decide to make changes to your ads, it’s best to run an A/B Test (also known as a “split test”) rather than changing what worked in the past.


Because there could be other underlying issues at play, and having a backup to test against provides you with the ability to revert if needed.

What changes should you test?

Your ads should be as engaging as possible and speak directly to your target audience. For best results, test your ad campaigns using the following components:

  • Headings
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Creative/Images
  • Target Keywords
  • Target Audience

In most cases, those that see your ads are likely already looking for the painting services you provide, so don’t over-complicate this. Your ads should be about them, and not about your business.

But what if you haven’t changed your ads but noticed a drop in painting leads?

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