The Best Print Marketing Ideas for Painting Contractors

No, print marketing is not dead. In fact, printed advertisements are one of the best supplemental marketing channels your painting business can invest in today.

Did you catch that?

If your business acquires most of its repaint leads through a single marketing or advertising source, you’re asking for trouble. This is why it’s important to supplement and diversify your lead sources.

Secondary lead flows are the best way to ensure stable and predictable growth.


Because markets fluctuate and the world never stops changing. What worked yesterday may not work today.

I’m sure this makes sense to most, but it produces a few questions:

  • Why is print marketing a good secondary lead source?
  • Why shouldn’t we use print marketing as our primary lead source?

  • Which print marketing strategies should our painting business focus on?

  • Do door hangers produce better results than postcard mailers?
  • What kind of ROI should I expect from print marketing?

Keep reading for answers to these questions and more!

What Is Print Marketing?

Painter Print Marketing Ideas

Any advertising that is not conducted online is considered print marketing, but this wasn’t always the case.

Before written words, people were using symbols to identify their families and businesses.

Fast forward a century or two and we’re in the Mad Men era. Billboards and magazines dominated the marketing industry until TV commercials were front and center in every living room across America.

Finally, comes the age of the internet where the cost of advertising drops to a point that even a small business can afford.

I know… you came here to learn about marketing your painting business, not a history lesson. But it’s important to explain HOW we got here so we can understand WHY it works.

So Why Does Print Marketing Still Work?

Simply, people who grew up in the era of TV ads, billboards and magazines are still alive today *gasp*!

Right, but there is more to it than that.

In an age of goldfish marketing (advertisements that grab your subconscious 2-second attention span) it’s refreshing to hold something physical, like a postcard!

Compared to internet ads which often come across as cold and robotic, postcards and door hangers that arrive directly at your front door feel personalized, perhaps even sentimental. 

More so, those between the ages of 65-75 hold the most wealth in this country. This is the same age group that still orders newspapers to their house, so rest assured, your printed marketing campaigns are still relevant today.

The Importance of Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy

Painting Contractor Marketing Strategies

As a painting business owner, you’re probably aware of where most of your business comes from.

The numbers vary from marke